Young Carer Bursary Program


Young Carer Bursary Program applications are now closed

What is the Young Carer Bursary Program?

The Young Carer Bursary Program is a $3,000 scholarship offered to 333 young carers engaging in education. The bursary aims to help relieve financial pressure for young carers while they combine studying and their caring responsibilities.

Applications open in late July, early August each year and are accepted for up to six weeks from the opening date. If you would like to be notified when the next round of applications are open, please enter your email address below and click submit.

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Why do we need this program?

This scholarship increases the likelihood that young carers will remain in, or return to, education, which in turn leads to improved employment opportunities and long-term financial security.

What is a young carer?

For this program a young carer is someone who is aged between 12 and 25, is actively engaged in education at the Year 7 level or beyond, and helps care for other people. You are a young carer when you are looking after someone: 

  • with a disability
  • with a mental health issue
  • with alcohol and/or drug problems
  • a chronic illness
  • who is frail aged.

Young Carers often provide physical and emotional support to their care recipient. Tasks commonly include helping with personal care, cleaning, accompanying them to appointments, assisting with medications or just by keeping them company.