Time management

Time management: Getting it all done

As a young carer, you'll often have a lot on your plate. Looking after your family member. Study. Sometimes work as well. It can feel hard to fit everything in. Here are some ways other young carers manage their time.

1. Use tools to help you

The biggest thing that I learned is that the calendar is one of my best friends. I'd never had to use one before I became a carer. Then once I started having to do doctors appointments, and school appointments on top of that, the load literally doubled I didn’t realise how hard it is to do all that stuff in my head.

Having a calendar and mapping out what needs to happen just meant that every day wasn't chaos.’ - Aidan

2. Believe in your ability

As a child, I'd always assumed that paying bills was going to be this huge task. Then when Mum got sick, I realised I could do it. All these things that I'd associated with being really adult things, and I saw I could totally handle.’ - Meg

3. Schedule in time to recharge as well

I set aside time to do my school work, but I wish I'd also just made time to do nothing. You just think, “Oh, I've got a free hour. I'll cram something else in there”. An hour is a very hard thing to find throughout the day sometimes. But when I didn't schedule in free time, I just found I was tired all the time.’ - Ben

4. Chunk big tasks down into smaller parts

When you look at being a carer, it feels like this one huge thing. But you know that everything is impossible when you look at it like that. So break it up, break it down. What's the thing that you've got to get done today?’ - Rachel