Looking after yourself

Being a young carer can be pretty demanding. It can feel like there's no room to do anything for yourself. Here's how other young carers think about ways of staying healthy.

1. Feeling overwhelmed sometimes is normal

The worst is when you feel like you're the only one going through this. It's you against the world. You might feel that you have always be on top of everything. But it’s allowed to be hard.’ - Amy

2. There is support out there

Remember that there's people you can talk to. There's support you can access. And most importantly, there are other young carers out there who face this stuff too.’ - Ali

3. You are still important

We can feel like it's impossible to think about ourselves, or not to focus on the person we care for. But it's so important to make sure we do make some time to look after ourselves. Because if we're falling apart at the seams, it's so much harder to care for someone.’ - Sarah

 ‘You're a young person with hopes and dreams and aspirations, and you deserve to live a healthy, happy life. You don't need to feel guilty about every now and again being taking time to look after themselves.’ - Dean

4. Be aware of your motivations around drinking and drugs

My friends at school drank because it's fun and it's cool and it's hip. They didn't have a reason to drink, but I did. Going out and getting pissed was a really quick and easy way to get out of everything. I nearly stuffed up my whole school career.

You definitely still need a release valve. But just be very mindful about if what you're doing as a release is healthy or not.’ - Brad

5. Here’s how other young carers relax

Playing with my two dogs. They’re my major stress relievers, my two pups. Couldn’t live without them.’ – Jonah

Recently got an Xbox, so just play some games with my friends.’ - Kylie

I only read Medieval Fantasies, like it’s just a completely different world and I get very involved in it and I can read a book and not know anything about what’s happening in the world around me.’ - Ben

I go along to the young carer meetings when that's on. It's just a good chance to unwind and get away from the house.’ - Aidan